Merriest Sound Rhymed LED Light (Rechargeable)
Merriest Sound Rhymed LED Light (Rechargeable)
Merriest Sound Rhymed LED Light (Rechargeable)
Merriest Sound Rhymed LED Light (Rechargeable)
Merriest Sound Rhymed LED Light (Rechargeable)
Merriest Sound Rhymed LED Light (Rechargeable)
Merriest Sound Rhymed LED Light (Rechargeable)

Merriest Sound Rhymed LED Light (Rechargeable)

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Voice-activated Pickup Rhythm, Light-Music level lamp, adopts aluminum alloy once molding shell. With the diversification of the car, this kind of voice control lamp can add different decorations to our car and bring us joy. The new voice-activated lights are perfect for modern and fashionable car owners.


Creative Colorful Music Ambient Light Bar: Built-in high-sensitive microphone (voice control), no less than 8 display modes. 4 levels of brightness, 5 levels of speed, and 18 color modes can be adjusted at will. You can tune it to your favorite style according to your preference. With an intelligent noise-canceling algorithm, it can be used in a noisy environment.

App Control: You can connect this smart light bar with your mobile phone via Bluetooth. There are more light modes and DIY scenes for you to choose from in the App, we will also keep updating the App to improve your user experience.

Built-in Battery: With the built-in battery, you can take this light bar easily to any place you want. Type-C high-speed charging cable included, you can recharge the light quickly or simply connect the light bar with power constantly for long time use.

Car Decoration Rhythm Light: Built-in 32 colorful lamp beads, 18 color modes are adjustable. You can adjust it to reach your most desired dynamic expression for your chosen music.

Merriest Sound Rhymed LED Light: A great gift for music lovers, designers, and marketers. You can place it on your office desk, bedside table, or in your car to create a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere. Activating the environment helps to relieve your pressure and trigger your idea.

Voice Sensitive Music Level Light-Convenient and Practical: Mini size, compact with a round base placed flat or hanging. Suitable for birthday parties, stage, discos, bars, weddings, celebrations, karaoke, roller skating rinks, KTV, and family gatherings.


How to Use: 

MODE/SPEED key: Short press to turn white - select mode; long press to turn red - select 5-speed levels. 

COLOR/BRIGHT key: short press to turn white - Select color; long press to green - select 4 levels of brightness. 

Double key pressed at the same time: press at the same time to turn blue - to learn the ambient noise spectrum. 

Press and hold COLOR at the same time while powering on: Enter gain setting mode.


Note: A layer of protective film covers the whole display screen. Please remove the entire layer of the protective film before using the music-level light bar.

Voltage: 5V
Power Source: DC
Body Material: Aluminum

Package Included:
1x Merriest Sound Rhymed LED Light
1x Plastic base
4x Transparent double-sided tape
1x Micro-USB power cord
1X manual