Merriest Egg Poacher
Merriest Egg Poacher
Merriest Egg Poacher
Merriest Egg Poacher
Merriest Egg Poacher

Merriest Egg Poacher

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Poaching an egg has been found to be one of the healthiest ways to cook an egg. Now you can have homemade poached eggs in minutes!

It is easy to poach eggs for topping noodle dishes, salads, eggs benedict and more. Simply add water to the fill line, crack an egg into each cup using the built-in cracking ridge, cover, and microwave until eggs reach the desired texture. Lift-out colanders drain each egg for serving, and the included lid keeps everything in place until ready to cook. 


  • [Two-layer] Designed by two layers of drain basket and bowl, soak the eggs in water to finish poached eggs. It can be used to steam eggs in the microwave and keep the water and nutrient of eggs, which makes eggs taste fresh.

  • [Safe and convenient] It is safe and convenient to heat eggs in a microwave oven, and there is no risk of explosion. You can easily get a complete poached egg. Please be sure to break the eggshell, not put in a whole egg!

  • [Save Time & Effort] Cook two eggs in minutes, simply fill with water and add eggs to make a tasty breakfast, at the same time avoid wasting water in the pan, sticking to the pan, etc.

  • [Convenience] There has a raised bar in the middle designed for eggs cracking. Handle design for easy access. The drain basket can be taken out separately to drain excess water. It is convenient to make breakfast, also can act as cake molds, rice balls die, pudding dies.
  • [High Quality] Made of PP material, high-temperature resistant, safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly. Thickened design, can withstand strong impact, anti-falling, and pressure. Easy to clean, just rinse with water.

Using Methods

1. Fill the cups with water
2. Crack the eggs and simmer them inside the poacher
3. Microwave them for 50-90 seconds
4. Tadaa...Perfect poached eggs


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